About Made in My Country

Made in My Country's network was created in 2011 as an answer to what we believe is missing from today's consumer market choices.

We believe it is the rightful choice for each country's consumers to have the right to buy products manufactured or produced exclusively in their countries.

Through our three networks: the electronic commerce one madein-mycountry.com, our B2B network:  madein-mycountry.net and our domestic retail locations network: madein-mycountry.info, we provide that option for each country's consumers and businesses alike!

www.madein-mycountry.net is a B2B platform which geared to showcase each country's best manufacturers, producers and service providers offers this chance to quality domestic companies: To be seen and become known to millions of businesses and consumers. Its goal is to give these companies the opportunity to not only become well known within their borders, but at the same time become a presence across the globe!

www.madein-mycountry.com serves as an e-commerce portal for products being produced exclusively within a country's borders, but sold all over the world as well! Manufacturers have to undergo close scrutiny regarding their "domestic" manufacturing certification and sign contracts which in reality guarantee their domestic status and qualities.

www.madein-mycountry.info represents a complete listing of authentic domestic retail locations. Whether it is a local bakery, a local travel agency or a local restaurant, you can find them on our site. As long as the items sold in the above mentioned retail locations, are domestically made or produced, those shops can be listed on our page.

The Made in My Country group of companies around the world is designed to support our internet networks. Created with geographical territories in mind, we are meeting today's challenges in a demanding and ever developing e-commerce world.
We would be happy to talk with serious and professional associates around the world for cooperation.Join us! Become a Madein-Mycountry family member.

                                  Help us "Showcase your country's best" !!